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Watch this space for updates as we try to improve the speed of our internet in the village.

Broadband funding progress

£5,067 Target
£ Confirmed
£ Needed
% Funded

02/11/2017: Although we still have a small gap to the target, we have signed the contract and hope to close the gap before the invoice arrives. The good news is that the village will get Superfast Broadband.

For some time we’ve been looking at the possibility of getting Superfast Broadband (fibre) in the village. Currently, the average internet speed is about 2.5Mbps but could be increased to between 60Mbps and 20Mbps depending on the distance from a proposed new cabinet positioned at the Dale View end of the village. The current cabinet is in Longnor on the Hollinsclough road and the distance between it and Earl Sterndale is the reason for the slow speeds and drops in service.

We are trying to find as many houses as possible who want Superfast Broadband and would contribute towards the set up of the cabinet. The more households, the less the contribution. If we can get 34 households to contribute, the initial outlay will be around £xxx per household (some values have been removed but contact us if you want details). If we cannot get at least 34 houses to sign up, we will not continue with the project.

Once the infrastructure is in place each household is free to choose to receive broadband from any available supplier (not just BT). Depending on which broadband supplier you choose and the packages on offer at the time additional costs such as a connection fee (up to £50) and a slight increase to monthly cost (£7) could occur. It may take time to get the cabinet installed so it is difficult to predict prices for 6 months to a year away so these may change.

The benefits this scheme will bring to households include:

Plus the school will benefit allowing complete access to online teaching resources, educational software and homework resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will this improve the value of my house?
A: We asked a local estate agent about this. They believe most purchases in our area are with the heart and not the head / pocket. However, I believe it removes some doubts of people who may be put off purchasing if there is not a good connection / speed. So, I think it would be easier and possibly quicker to sell with good internet but not necessarily for more money.
To give a balanced view, it is worth looking at an article on Whathouse.com. It gives some facts and figures around house buying and faster internet connections.

Q: Our current supplier is [xxxx] - would the new cabinet require a re-connection and therefore a fee?
A: Once the cabinet is fibre enabled all Internet service providers are advised at the same time. It is down to each individual Internet service provider as to how their fee structure works, i.e. whether they charge connection fees. We would encourage individuals to shop around for the best deal for them. Should a household not wish to take a fibre service they can remain on their current contract and service.

Q: Could we stay with our current package which theoretically can go up to 17Mbps or would we be obliged to upgrade to a fibre package?
A: Yes households can remain on their current package. We would encourage individual households to shop around though as there are some great fibre deals out there with various Internet Service providers, which can sometimes not only be faster but more cost effective than current ADSL contracts.
The above answer was based on a vague reply from our contact. We asked for some clarity and an equally vague answer came back. I believe (reading between the lines) that the answer should be "yes, you can remain on your current contract but, no, you will not see an increase in speed". The new cabinet may not have the capability to provide ADSL (which is what we all use today). You will need to have a fibre contract before you are connected to the new cabinet and therefore will not see any change without a new contract.

Q: Are there any guarantees regarding speeds? e.g. if a household doesn't see a marked improvement (at least 5x current speed?), will there will be a refund or further action at no extra cost?
A: The project is an infrastructure project to provide superfast infrastructure. Some Internet service providers may cap speeds, so the contract is with them. The first point of call would always be with the Internet service provider if the speeds they have offered are not being achieved. The infrastructure is Fibre to the cabinet so speeds are dependent on many factors, however the infrastructure will provide superfast speeds. As contracts are with internet service providers Openreach do not provide refunds to individual households, as the infrastructure contract is held with the Internet service provider.

Q: Do Openreach know of any old aluminium cabling in the village which might have a negative impact?
A: The infrastructure will have been accounted for when producing the cost to provide superfast speeds. The solution has been designed to provide superfast speeds.

Q: Will moving to fibre and a closer cabinet mean a more stable service (after the usual 10 days bedding in time)? We currently experience a lot of dropped connection / loss of speed.
A: This previous situation could be down to many factors. It would be unusual to see this type of issue with a new infrastructure solution, however if this did occur individuals would need to report the fault to their internet service provider in the 1st instance.